R. N. Sons (pvt) Ltd. Is a sole distributor of Aurora Solar powered products in Sri Lanka which based in Rathnapura. We are the leading eco-friendly solar Equipment specializes in more than 3 years’ experience and working with the government policy plan on promoting the Green Energy in the country. We are currently supply solar lights for CECB, Hotels and gardens.
Mission Statement
We Supply Sustainable lighting solutions for professional customers, enabling them to reduce costs, energy consumption and environmental impact.
Vision Statement
We have been a total native organization is in the vision of dedicating our fullest cooperation towards the conversion of our motherland to a total Green Energy in future.
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Executive Summery

Energy is a necessary driver of growth and its per capita consumption is growing all across the world. This is primarily associated with the growth and development. Any developmental activity in a nation fuels the energy demand. The world already realizes the need to switch over Renewable Energy (RE) source to augment the energy needs. Clean sources of energy not only help our environment to recover from the mindless exploitation it has been subjected to in the last 150 years., but also provides power to millions of people especially in the developing nations. The renewable energy sector has emerged as the fastest growing industry in recent times and there are hopes of if getting only bigger in the coming years. Most nations have put plans in motion to promote this sector in a big way. Green growth is the way of future of the developed nations and a huge opportunity of energy security for the developing nations. There is one more advantage which is slowly being recognized as the most important aspect of this change - its potential to create employment for millions in the coming decade. Aurora is one of the leading solar powered equipment in Sri lanka for support its Eco-friendly concept. Aurora solar light system works without grid power. It’s totally relies on solar energy which is clean, endless and eco-friendly. The system mainly composed of solar panel, light source controller and battery, During the Day light solar panel convert solar energy to electric power and stored in the battery. And at the night, rainy or cloudy conditions the controller switch on the light automatically according to the brightness level. And battery will supply the power to them. Aurora solar light are in best quality and backed with ROHS, CE, FC and ISO 9001 certificates. The estimated investments for this is Rs26,500/= Per light system. However this investment cost can earn in less than 30 months from the electricity bill of the bank.